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As a part of refreshment from daily activities and as well for our well being, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the week end, we have sports at 4:00pm to 5:00pm before we prepare for the Holy Rosary. This activity is done at our huge sports fields found near the Ushirika farm.

The games played on these days include: Football ,basketball, volleyball, Table-tennis, Swimming, high-jump, Chess and Cards. All are enjoyed by any student knowing as well in need of learning them. For games with few facilities such as Chess and Table-tennis, students normally play in shift.

For football, we have three football fields, the first and largest one is used for practising and training the school's football team players, the second ground and medium one is used by students who are not officially in the school's football team but have a football interest, and the last one and smallest is use by the form one brother's who need to initially gain experience and strength so as they can later on share their talents with others. For basketball we have one basketball ground used by all students with basketball interest, and for volley ball we have two fields which are shared by all students. Our swimming pool for the recent time has a capacity for all students swimming at a particular time, and for swimming we can say it is the most loved sport at Maua. For other games, each of them has a field or facilities which support it.


Some of the players of Maua's football team.

We have a good history in football, that is never being scored at home field, since the 1970s Maua has never been scored at home field, neighbours! will agree with us here. This is due to regular exercises which make our players to have confidence, strength and as well it's due to our more advanced methods compared to our opponents, this is a Buenas estoria.Other success in sports include several awards such as from Umiseta and other competitions and leagues.

On 26th April each year at Maua seminary is a special day for sports, more than 20 games are played on this day, challenges are performed ,winners are obtained and awards are given, on this day we invite our neighbours and anybody else to play with us, we call it Bonanza Day.Apart from Bonanza day, we sometimes get friendly matches with other schools, and the matches may be home or away.

As it is not deliberate to escape from challenges, the sports sector at Maua has various challenges which maybe increasing with time. Such challenges includes; the increase in the number of students due to the school's expansion programme, this make our field and facilities to appear to have low capacity, also the new facilities we buy or get nowadays are of low quality which makes us to frequently buy new ones,this is due to an uncontrollable importation of goods from abroad into Tanzania. The school's administrations works hard on these and more challenges.

Being and important activity in life, sports is enjoyed well at Franciscan Seminary Maua, and it's among the activities which make us to be what we are, In sports at Maua, students learn things, advance their skills and perpetuate them to others, and show their talents. School is a good place, sports make it better.


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