Spiritual life

Being a seminary school, the Franciscan seminary's spiritual life is oriented to prepare young men to become friars or even good laymen. This is ensured through frequent liturgical practices, religious seminars, deep religion studies and inspiration from formators who might or might not be friars who work in collaboration with the seminarians' parents.

The seminarians participate in a Holy mass each day at the Chapel found at the seminary, the holy mass is celebrated at 6:00am except for Sundays when the holy mass is celebrated at 10:00am. On Sundays and first Thursday of each month students have an opportunity to participate in an adoration, on weekends the seminarians get an opportunity to pray the office prayer, they also effectively participate in almost all feasts, memorials and special celebrations according to the Church's calendar, everyday evening there is the Holy Rosary prayer, as well we pray the Angelus thrice a day. This is a little about our prayer life.All the prayers are conducted inside the school except for special days such as the Sunday of the Holy Eucharist when we collaborate with the Capuchin nuns and laymen from the sacred heart of Jesus Maua parish.

As part of spiritual formation, we have several seminars and retreats in a term perhaps one each semester. The seminars are based on giving the seminarians knowledge that will help them to grow well with their vocation hence to prepare good future friars, as well this knowledge is shared to their families and friends during holiday which culminate to many more people to benefit from these seminars.

At the seminary there is a spiritual director who is concerned with advising the students about their spiritual life and training or helping them to reach their vocation.The spiritual director together with the other priests aid in giving penitential service to the seminarians. He also has a talk with the students on each Thursday evening from 4:20pm to 5:30pm before they have a rosary prayer together.

In accordance with all the above we collaborate together to ensure we make our liturgy best, this is through having regular singing practices and having several liturgical books, some of which are published at the seminary while others are brought from outside.

We believe that a life without a good spiritual practice is worth nothing, thus we ensure we ensure we have a good spiritual life that might be an enlightenment to our own paths as well to others, and we are confident to tell everyone that “Dominus illuminatio mea”(The lord is my light).