School expansion proceeds well

As it was outlined in the future plans of our seminary at the about us page , the expansion of the seminary so as it can provide it's services to more people has already started in various fields through donations from different generous people whom we thank very much and pray for them so as they may be granted more.

The expansion that has already taken place includes: addition of science courses for A-level studies, the courses(combinations) added are; PCM, PGM, PCB and CBG. Also there is an increase in students enrolment number, that's the seminary right now takes more that 80 students for form one, which has made the total number of students to be over three hundred(as per January 2017). A such expansion was in hand with the increase in number of academic facilities such as books, teachers and construction of new classes.

Other infrastructures have also been improved and others are still in construction such as the new refectory which is right now almost complete, and construction of a new laundry. Dormitories have also been greatly expanded and renovated.

Expanded dormitory with two floors

Again, we thank all who enabled this expansion to take place, whether financially, through prayers and ideas on how we should do it.

If anyone wants to enable this expansion through any means, they are free and welcomed. Someone may contribute/donate to our seminary through visiting our Donate page or through contacting us using the contact information at our Contact us page. May God bless the expansion and renovation of his seminary, Amen.