Franciscan seminary Maua is a catholic seminary for preparing youths with religious vocation to become good priests or friars. Expecting someone with an intention of joining FRASEMA has a such vocation, our seminary follows all the requirements according to the Catholic church and some more added requirements according to the seminary and the Capuchin order.

How to start

For the ones who want to join FRASEMA for ordinary level education(for form one) are required to send a letter to the Capuchin order vocational director, early at the beginning of their standard seven or a year before the year they want to join FRASEMA before June of that particular year, to the address which is listed at the end of this page explaining why they want to join the seminary, their full name, age, parish, and where they studied for primary school. The letter may be written in English or Swahili.

The letter you send will be replied as soon as it reaches the vocational director. The vocational director will send you back a letter that will explain to you about the day of the seminar and examination for FRASEMA admission. The examinations for joining our seminary are normally taken after students have finished their primary school final examinations, in which applicants will be required to take all exams as for final primary education examinations with religion in addition. During the exams the applicants will be given a seminar about the Capuchin order and saint Francis of Assisi.

Likewise for joining FRASEMA for A level, the one with a such intention is required to write a letter to the Capuchin order vocational director early in the year which they are in form four before September of that year to the address which is listed at the bottom of this page. The are also supposed to explain their intention for joining our seminary, their full name, parish, age, and where they studied/are studying for their O level education. The letter may be written in English or Swahili.

As soon as the Capuchin vocational director gets your letter, your letter will be replied giving you information on the day when and where the seminar for joining Maua seminary will be taken. For A levels there are no any exams required to be taken for joining Maua seminary because the form four examination results are normally used for determining people to join us. At the seminar the applicants will receive knowledge on priestly or clergy vocation as well about the Capuchin order and saint Francis of Assisi.

Qualifications required for joining Maua seminary.

Generally for someone to join Franciscan seminary Maua, first that someone should be a male, he must be a practising member of the Catholic church, he should have at least received the sacrament of Baptism according to the Catholic church and even first Holy communion although he might receive first Holy communion at the seminary after admission. He must be well behaved and acceptable to their society.

If someone wants to come to Maua seminary for form one, they must have passed well their standard seven national examination and the examination that is normally taken as an interview for joining Maua seminary. If they are selected all the information about admission will be sent to them according to the address they gave during the interview.

For A levels, FRASEMA normally takes students who passed their form four national examination by either division I or II and have done well in the subjects they want to come to take as their A level courses this includes having at least a “C” in each of the three subjects. For information about the subjects found at FRASEMA for both A level and O level visit our academic page.

We welcome everyone who meets the above qualifications and hear God's call inside them. When you come to Franciscan seminary Maua we will ensure you fetch the best out of what you expected and wanted. If there is any question you want to ask about admission, you can contact the seminary's administration through our Contact us page. Lastly we ask the Almighty father guide you in your vocation.

Vocational director address.

S.L.P 1522

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