Inaugurating the new refectory.

After a long time tough work towards building the new refectory that meets the requirements of the school expansion plans, that is occupying more than 400 students, finally in November 11 2017 the building was inauguarated and is right now ready for use.

The new refectory which was built near the old at a place where there was a loundry is large enough to occupy about 500 students and has a large kitchen, store room, cold room, and an inner part for students to wash their utensils after eating.

View from outside.

The construction of this new refectory was associated with putting two large water storage tanks that store more than 70000 litres of water for kitchen and other domestic uses by the students such as in the bathrooms, and washing. Apart form that a new laundry is constructed beside the new refectory to counteract the one that was removed to give space for the refectory.

Inaugurating the Refectory.

The students will start to use this refectory in January 2018 when they come back form holiday, at the time when the number of students will be approaching 500 students as per form ones joining are coarse-grained to be 100 students.

This is not all that has to be done for expansion of the school, the school still needs many more things so as to be able to accomodate well the number of students increased. More class rooms are needed, more dormitories, a bigger library, a more advanced Laboratory, just tomention a few. All these things require a lot of money, that's why thhe school still needs a great financial support to achieve these changes that have to be made.

If someone loves to joinus in transforming Tanzania through provision of a high quality education through any contribution, they may contact us. All in all we that God for all he has done to us untill we have reached this stage. We thank God ahead of time.