Crash of the Titans

If you ask the Legends of maua about their academic life when they where at the seminary, they'll never leave to tell you about the academic superiority in different academic competitions, and they'll mention certain schools that made them work even harder so as to remain superiror over them, amongst them is st.Marry Goreti secondary school.

Teams Einstein and Banana with adudicators

For a long time Maua seminary have had an academic relationship with st.Marry Goreti sec school, which involves competitions in debates, exams and other fields. One of the legends, recently a priest normally says "Once we heared a debate with Marry Goreti, we'd go to the Library and prepare lots of facts with difficult vocabularies".

After a long time of a mute in this relationship, this year 2017, in october, The two Titans met again for an academic competion that's a little bit peculiar from the previous ones. This was a British type debate and involved more than five teams but requires only one winner.

British type debate is a kind of debate that requires students(participants) to be in teams of three where each team has a Prime minister, a replier to the opposition side and a last speaker. A motion/topic is given to two competing teams and each team has to prepare facts fot the motion, then the teams will give out the facts infront of opponents while the adjudicators adjudicate the aptness of each team. The competition will have several rounds according to the teams number, and finally towards finding the winner a final is involved.

Team Einstein preparing for the final

Team Banana preparing for the final

The competition between the two schools was held at Maua seminary and there where about six teams involved. The competition started around 13:00 hrs and about 18:20 hrs Team Einstein from Maua seminary and Team Banana from St.Marry Goreti were qualified for the final. The final was hot for the two teams met during the rounds, it was a difficult time for the adjudicators, and at the end of the session "Team Einstein" perpetuated the triumph the seminary has from the legends with more than ten points above team Banana.


It was a phenomenal time for this session at the seminary, and we're expecting more academic collaboration with St.Marry Goreti sec school as it has always been with mighty results.