Computers replacing Humans.

A historical revolution.

This year 2016 was not like 2016 at Franciscan seminary Maua, time was made five times smaller, environment became friends with people, and no one had a clue about what they did, this was due to a computer program that did a work previously done by more than ten people, five times faster, and even more efficiently.

On October 18th one of the form V students at Franciscan seminary Maua “Francis Protas Shirima”, introduced a computer program that handled students' leaders election in a way that was faster cheaper and more efficient than the previous manual system handled by humans, as it was observed. Previously a team of more than ten men including staff members and some of the students held the student's leaders election, the session would take five and a half hours to seven hours for the whole session to be completed, but on october 18 2016 only one hour and thirty minutes were used, quite marvellous!, right?. Francis said that “It was really joyous to have the time exactly according to the calculations”.

The computer program was made with an intention of making an election system that would use less time just like what the program did, using less cost where by this new system used computers that are available at school nothing was to be bought not even papers like in the previous system, and having precision in results data where by in this program no students was able to cheat and there were no errors in counting the votes because computers never lie and can not do human mistakes. In addition students had no clue with the results because the computers used could have favour with no one, also the system was environmental friendly since no waste was produced like in the previous system where papers used in election ended up increasing Maua's temperature through being burnt.

computer election

Students learning how to use the computerized election system.

I made the software using Java(a computer programming language), and it recognises a student through a four digit authorization code given to them, when they enter the code into the computer and it is authorized they are ready for voting, and when a person finishes voting the program returns to its initial state ready for the next person, and each person has only one chance for voting. According to my maths the session had to take one hour and thirty minutes which was successfully achieved using four computers only. After all students have finished to vote the results are announced just after the last person leaves the computer. Francis explained.

Students really enjoyed using the program and found it to be simple although they were trained on how to use it a night before the election. One of the students asked about how he feels after using the program said ”He(Francis) did a great revolutionary Job.” also another one said ”This is something Maua should be proud of”.

computer election

Voting using the computerized system

Plans on this program in the future are such as having more computers so as to make the time even lesser, having a good communication between the computers used because it's a little bit disturbing last time althogh users might've not noticed that, and making the user interface simpler so as to improve the speed of people using it.

We're required to change the world now, there is no time in the future because the future is what we are living now, the people in the old generations dreamed about the future we are living, and it's really ridiculous for this future to again wait for the next infinite future to implement what is always dreamed, it's time to transform the world.(Francis Shirima).