Justice Peace and Integrity of creation

Franciscan Seminary Maua was started by the Franciscan Capuchin Friars, from Switzerland, in late 1960s. At the moment the seminary is under the Franciscan Capuchin Friars of the Province of Tanzania. Therefore JPIC values (peace and justice, integration of creation) are not something new to the whole family of Maua, since they have been the kernel of Franciscan formation at the Seminary although it was not well understood. The main goal of JPIC program is to inform, inspire and integrate Peace, justice and integrity of creation (JPIC) as Biblical and Franciscan values to the aspired junior Franciscans at the Seminary school program. Although it has not been implemented directly JPIC should be part and parcel of the integral formation of the young Franciscans who are aspiring to be Franciscan Friars and the future ministers of the Church

JPIC at Franciscan seminary Maua

In Franciscan seminary at Maua Moshi Kilimanjaro, JPIC awareness program officially restarted on January 2016 during the opening academic year. The seminarian received one day seminar on JPIC introduction, care for mother Earth as the call of the Holy See in his Encyclical Laudato Si' in connection to the Jubilee of Mercy. It is our hope that this program at the seminary will be progressive in such a way that it will inspire and involve students to participate fully in preserving the environment. Study clubs such as forestry club, fish keeping, bee keeping, GYOV (Grow Your Own Vegetables), etc., will help the students to fully understand these core values of JPIC and they will help others during the holidays to understand the importance of these values.

In this website we shall be giving information on the activities of JPIC at Maua Seminary.