Dear brethren, we, seminarians of Franciscan seminary Maua, are in the Seminary for one main goal, to prepare ourselves for serving the church as priests and Capuchin brothers. But in order to reach this goal, we have to be taken care of under full formation by our Capuchin Brothers and other formators. We give a lot of thanks to our formators who are struggling and doing their best in performing their tasks as formators and we appreciate all they do to make sure that we attain our intended.

In order to succeed in this, it implies that our school should be in the most perfect condition as possible. For our school to attain its perfection, we require a very great support and help from those who have positive will and good intentions to our seminary and our prosper at large. Amongst the greatest support we can gain is prayers. We greatly need prayers to perform our tasks. On top of that, we need financial support for the continuity and prosper of our seminary. The financial support we can require is through school fees and donations.

Due to the fact that our seminary takes people from all places and of all kinds and ensures that the costs are afordable by most of the people who want to join us, our seminary has been greatly helped by donations from the Capuchin province of Tanzania and other generous people.

The following are just but some of the reasons as to why our school needs donations:

We need donations in order to increase the academic facilities such as the teaching textbooks, classes and their furnitures, for the current increased students population in the seminary as well as the coming generation which is expected to be even larger in number.

Due to the additon of Science courses in Advanced Level, such as PCM, PGM, CBG, PCB and so on, the seminary requires high financial support in order to manage these expensive but important courses as they are greatly needed our time.

Moreover, we need to expand or rather build a new bigger library that will cope with the increasing number of seminarians, as well the library needs to be updated so as to make students minds rich of our worlds rapid advancing knowledge.

Donations are required for accomplishing construction of the new huge refectory which is right now in far stages.

We need donations for the expansion of the small chapel we have. This is the place where the seminarians can fetch daily God's grace through holy masses and other spiritual works. Just like the other facilities, it was built focusing the needs of only a small population hence it now has to be expanded or another one built.

For students, especially the ones who are still growing, need to have a healthier body which is strongly immuned and a very smart mind and for this to happen they need to participate in sports and games and for them to have a full participation in the games, the game facilities are required. Unfortunately, the facilities which are in our schools were also built to satisfy the needs of the little population which had existed in the past but for the rising population, this also has to be improved and expanded.

The Seminary, for all the years back, since 2005 backwards to 1950s had been depending on the donations from missionaries who served at the seminary by then. But as time went by, they grew old and most of them passed way.

You can contribute to our school by donating through our bank account having the no: 000 000 000 000 Alternatively, one can also donate through directly coming to the seminary, or you may contact us using the contact information at our contacts page.

It is through giving that we receive(Saint Francis of Assisi).