Having an objective of having well educated (skilled) and well formed (spiritually and morally upright) students who thrive to become agents for mission of evangelization, the education given at the seminary is based on learning relevant knowledge that has real world daily application, practical teaching rather that theoretical teaching.Students are given great opportunities to learn something of their enthusiasm through giving them facilities such as books and lab equipments and establishing a good relationship between them and their teachers.

Franciscan seminary Maua


There are both ordinary and advanced secondary level education.For ordinary level the courses include:Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, English language, Kiswahili, History, Bible knowledge, and Religion.Previously there was Agricultural science but due to lack of Agricultural science teachers after the depart of Br.W.Shirima(OFMcap) the subject was omitted.For advanced level the courses or combinations found include:PCM, PCB, PGM, CBG, EGM, HGE, and HGL.

We have well trained teachers with advanced and modern techniques, some of them are friars and others are just normal teachers.There are enough facilities including classes, two laboratories with their equipments, teaching aids to help students understand easily, just to mention a few.


Students at Physics discussion

Studying time table

From 7:55am students go for lessons until 12:10pm when they go for Angelus and lunch, and going back for lessons at 1:30pm until 2:50pm when they go for manual work.In the evening at 5:50pm to 7:10pm students have a private study after which they go for Angelus and supper. At 8:30pm students resume the private study until 9:50pm when they go for night prayer. After then the O-level students go to sleep while the A-level students can continue studying until 11:30pm.


To emphasize practical and relevant education on Thursdays seminarians go for clubs just after lunch.The clubs include; science club, music club, Fine performing arts(FPA), fishing and bee-keeping club, drawing club, grafting club and carpentry club. The activities done at the clubs are obvious from their respective names. Clubs is amongst the things which make students at Maua seminary to find school to be an interesting experience.

With all we have and how we do about academics, we believe and can see that we are perpendicularly reaching our objectives, from our academic achievement to the students who leave the seminary and stand like shining lights making the seminary to be like a lighthouse for the world's sailors. But this is all as it is as we believe “Our God and our all”.

watch students at clubs